Taking a stroll in the meadows

The last two days have been remarkable. We had to battle crazy gusty winds. Rattle snakes and the heat. But we were rewarded with amazingly beautiful fields of flowers not commonly found in Southern California. The rainy winter here produced some of the most amazing scenes I’ve ever seen. I have found I’m hungry all the time. I voluntarily ate a whole package of ramen noodles with instant potatoes in one sitting and I was still hungry afterward. But I’m always craving spinach and other veggies. I’ve got to figure out how to balance my diet. But I’m happy to eat whatever i can get my hands on right now. Everything tastes so good. Not showering for days is also something I swore I would never do again. But here I am. Stinky and salty and I volunteered for it. I feel bad for anyone around me. But it’s worth it. also I broke my pack 🙄. Leave it up to me. Good thing this stuff can get replaced. But I’ve got about 70 miles to go before I can get the replacement. Wish me luck. Let’s see how this turns out!!

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