It’s a journey

The question I’ve heard more than any other in the last few days is “what? Why would want to do that?” It’s very difficult for most people to understand why anyone would want to walk for five months straight. It’s a simple answer for me. Why not? It’s cliche but life really is too short. For me, the best part of this world we live in aside from relationships with good people is the beauty in nature. I am happiest when I’m smelling the rain right after the first couple of drops mix with the dirt on the sidewalk. Or when the sun is just about to rise and the whole sky turns orange in anticipation. No matter what else is happening those things can put my mind at ease. It helps me to breathe. This trip is my journey to connect with all the beauty that the western US has to offer. That’s why.

One thought on “It’s a journey

  1. You keep on keeping dear I loved your answer to all the questions. You inspire me for what I want to do with nature I hope you have a safe and wonderful Journey thank you for sharing Patsy


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