It’s a journey

The question I’ve heard more than any other in the last few days is “what? Why would want to do that?” It’s very difficult for most people to understand why anyone would want to walk for five months straight. It’s a simple answer for me. Why not? It’s cliche but life really is too short. For me, the best part of this world we live in aside from relationships with good people is the beauty in nature. I am happiest when I’m smelling the rain right after the first couple of drops mix with the dirt on the sidewalk. Or when the sun is just about to rise and the whole sky turns orange in anticipation. No matter what else is happening those things can put my mind at ease. It helps me to breathe. This trip is my journey to connect with all the beauty that the western US has to offer. That’s why.

Maximize the moment

What does that really mean, to maximize the moment? It’s the phrase I have embraced to describe what can only be understood as my mid-life transformation. It’s not a crisis, no. This journey I’m on is about becoming the best version of me, living the best life I can. Everyone says life is too short but yet nearly all of us continue to walk down the same path much longer than we ought to before realizing that we don’t even want to go that way. We deal with shit we shouldn’t have to for many reasons. For me, maximizing the moment meant to stop. Breathe. Look at my surroundings and make the most of every moment that I’ve been given. So I am.

Rocky Mountain National Park, March 16, 2019

In a few short days I will embark on a physical, one stinky foot in front of the other, journey from Mexico to Canada. I’m about to voluntarily carry everything I need to survive on my back, shit in holes I dig, sleep on the ground, eat who knows what, see snakes, spiders and all kinds of other amazingly scary wildlife, oh and also see the stars. And the sunsets. And the sunrises. And wildflowers. I’m one hell of a lucky person, blessed in so many ways with people in my life who love without reservation; I’m surrounded by kindness and I’ve been given an opportunity to explore. So I want to share. If you don’t care, stop reading. Go do something else. If you do decide to read, be aware-I don’t always use nice people language. And I’m probably going to talk about shitting in holes and my stinky feet. Oh and how sunrises and sunsets the best thing ever.